We Will Be Ephemeral
I'm a grad student who's interested in planetary science, kicking depression's ass, and turtles.
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People who say “uhh NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT GENDER” when you state some basic as hell feminist analysis of something like

Do you not understand that you can have multiple lenses of analysis and that a singular ‘object’ can be looked at in different ways depending on your lens of analysis?

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I love flower bikes
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March 27, 1921: Contents under pressure — a Weimar-era advertising gimmick put unemployed soldiers to work extolling the virtues of German champagne. Years later, in The Times Magazine, Stephen Spender recalled youthful days in Berlin toward the end of the 1920s. “We saw Berlin as a tremendous phenomenon, but not as the cultural center of the then contemporary Europe,” he wrote. “In fact, I doubt whether Berlin could ever be the center of anything, even of Germany: It is a kind of off-center, just as New York is off-center to the United States.” Photo: The New York Times

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